Target Radon Mitigation & Testing

Target Radon Mitigation is a fully licensed and insured Radon Mitigation company providing services in Maryland. MHIC License # 110201. We specialize in custom sub-slab ventilation/depressurization radon mitigation systems for residential properties. Our work will follow the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)


Our premier radon testing service utilizes advanced equipment and certified technicians to accurately measure radon levels in indoor spaces, providing detailed reports and customized mitigation plans for a safer and healthier environment.


Our residential radon mitigation service offers customized solutions, expertly designed and implemented by certified professionals, to reduce radon levels in homes and ensure a safer living environment.

Do Not Be Fooled!

Radon is a serious health risk and any diagnostic test or estimate to correct the problem cannot be done over the phone. We offer free in-home estimates with a free comprehensive diagnostic test.

We guarantee our work and are willing to beat any competitors’ prices!

Our ASD design ensures a predictable result!